Tuesday, March 24th, 2009...10:57 pm

Stock Update

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I thought with the bounce in the economy we should take a look at how the car company’s are doing as of the close of the market on Tuesday. A mid-week analysis is better than either Friday or Monday due to those days having more fluctuations than other days of the week.

GM (GM) is up to $3.20 from a low of $1.27
Ford (F) is up to $2.86 from a low of $1.01
Chrysler which is owned by Cerberus a privately held investment firm. However Chrysler is in a deal with Fiat to assume %35 of Chrysler’s debt, so let see how they are doing.
Fait (FIA.MI) is up to $4.73 from a not so low $3.32.

On the import side we have,
Toyota (TM) is up to $63.59 from a low of $55.41
Honda (HMC) is up to $23.19 from a low of $17.35
Nissan (NSANY) is up to $7.74 from a low of $5.59

So obviously the American car company’s got hit the hardest in the wake of the US downturn. However, I think there is some potentially good buys in the American car company’s if one has enough faith that they will recover. I personally believe that if GM can pull off the Volt then we will all be wishing we had bought some GM stock at $1.27 a share. But that is just it, it’s completely speculative!! Just for fun, lets pretent that we purchases 1000 shares of each company listed at today’s prices and we will revisit our stocks in a few months to see how they have fared.

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