Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009...9:31 pm

GE ups it’s stake in A123

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General Electric just infused A123 with $15 million, this should help A123 with expanding it’s production facilities.  A123 is the MIT battery maker that specializes in the production of lithium nano-phosphate batteries for the auto industry.  I believe this brings GE to a 30% stake in A123.  I also believe that A123 has lost the competiton to be the battery supplier for GM and Tesla while inking a deal to be the sole provider for Chrysler.  As my regular readers can atess, I am an avid supporter of Chryslers electric vehicle designs.  Chrysler has some game changers in their line up and I can only hope that they stay afloat long enough to produce them.  The Chrysler 200c and the Dodge Circuit are amazing looking and performing vehicles.  I know some things about A123 that I have learned in the industry, such as their batteries can handle a rapid charge unlike most lithium-ion batteries.  When I say rapid, I mean a 10 minute full charge at high amperage (around 400 to 600 amps).  Whats even better is a blend of these batteries and ultra capacitors to even lower the charging times.  This would be extremely useful for creating electric vehicle charging stations, which is the largest hurdle to overcome with electric vehicles.  I believe range anxiety will not even be an issue in a few years.

Here is the press release.

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