Sunday, April 26th, 2009...11:41 pm

Did GM shoot the horse today? is the Pontiac brand forever gone?

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pontiac_logo1The rumor is that GM will officially announce the end of the Pontiac brand today.  I think this is a good move because Pontiac had quality problems in the early 90’s that have dirtied the brand name.  Only recently has the quality improved because of Holden in AU doing all of the production of the vehicles.  I know for a fact that Holden made the GTO and G8.  I am also not too worried because the brand didn’t have any Plug-ins or hybrids in the works that I know of.  An all electric version of the Solstice would have been a good idea GM.   This closure has also made me wonder if the 2008/2009 G8 which is getting great reviews, would be an instant collectors item? Can anyone weigh in on this?

UPDATE:   I just checked out the Holden webpage and was suprised to see a half truck half car called the Ute.  I must say this would have been a very sweet looking electric car and very practical since the area under truck beds are the perfect place for storing batteries.  Oh well I guess we can shoot that dream.   However, I would assume that GM would continue using Holden for some future Chevy models, maybe we will see this half truck as a branded Chevy.

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