Thursday, June 11th, 2009...11:12 pm

Sierra Nevada Brewing company is electric car friendly

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Last week I had the pleasure of drinking Sierra Nevada beer while talking to one of the founders of Sierra Nevada Brewing company, Ken Grossman.  During our conversation about his fine beer, I let slip my interest in electric vehicles and he enthusiasticly informed me that his company has 1.8 Megawatt solar array that provides power to the company as well as power to several electric vehicle charging stations in the employee parking area.  I was quick to ask if anyone actually took advantage of it and he said there were several employees that drive and charge their electric cars there while at work.

On top of the solar array, Ken tells me he also has a 1 Megawatt fuel cell that also power the beer production.  He says that 90% of the company power comes from renewables.  That is an amazing feat and you can color me green to say the least, I am highly impressed with Sierra Nevada’s renewable energy installation.  Now I have another reason, other than just how good it taste, to drink their beer!

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