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Nissan Leaf on display at the Neweum in DC

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On Saturday January 23rd I went to the Newseum in Washington D.C. to check out the new Nissan Leaf that was on display. If you are not familiar with the Leaf, it is a pure-EV with a 100 mile range being produced by Nissan. The Vehicle will eventually be produced at the Nissan plant in Smyrna, Tennessee. Nissan is also building a battery production facility there as well. The Leaf is project to cost around $25k and there maybe options to lease the battery pack which would lower the overall cost and protect any early adopters from possible bad battery packs. The car looks amazing in person, it isn’t as flashy as say a the Model-S from Tesla but it also doesn’t look like the run of the mill Versa either. The head lights are designed to move air away from the side mirrors so that they create less drag, so its easy to tell that a considerable amount of engineering has gone into this vehicle. The instrument cluster looks very sharp and informative and the gear shifter or should I say “joystick” has a nice look to it and functions to shift from drive to reverse. The vehicle has 3 methods of charging and two charging ports. The Leaf can charge from 110 AC, 240 AC, and 480 AC (Level III charging). Level III charging will take the car up to 80% charge in 26 minutes.

Enjoy the pictures below and if you have any questions feel free to comment.

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