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Howard University EV-1 Project

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I was recently invited by Jason Ganley to come by Howard University and help assist him with his EV-1 restoration project.  For those unfamiliar with the EV-1, I will implore you to see the movie “Who killed the electric car?” which details the life and death of this great vehicle.  The EV-1 was made by Saturn and eventually crushed in the desert.  However, about 28 were donated to various universities.  These donated EV-1’s were also disabled by having all the electronic controls removed and batteries removed.  The Howard EV-1 has been setting in storage pretty much since the day it was donated to the university so you might notice the 8 or so years of dirt that has built up on this vehicle.  Since the environment we are working in is so dirty we felt that we would clean up the vehicle when we were finally done with our make over project.

A simplistic summary of Jason’s project is to replace the batteries with Ultracaps from Maxwell and then install a 4 cylinder range extending combustion engine that uses Ammonia as the combustion liquid.

Here are some shots from our work on the project.

From the pictures you can see the battery box with all the Ultra Capacitors in place.  The electric motor is visible because the controller/inverter was removed to replace the controls.

Videos of the build after the jump

For more information check out Jason post on and further updates on this site are to come.

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