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Opening Party Night for Tesla DC Showroom

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Tesla Opening night

Tesla Opening night

I was lucky enough to get to attend the Tesla DC opening night gala tonight.  The show room is amazing with almost every wall being a window, very open and inviting.  Tesla had a huge turn out for the event, if only we could get half the people that showed up to actually buy and drive an electric car in DC I would be an extremely happy EV enthusiast.  There were 6 privately owned Teslas on display including the one on the lift.

Speaking of the lift, the maintenance area was awesome, sparkling clean.  I love the way the maintenance is glass walled as well so that the public can see how clean these cars are.  There wont be any grease spots under this lift.

Tesla work bay

Elon Musk was there and he killed two birds with one stone, half of the event was to support the opening of the Tesla showroom and the other have was used for drumming up support for Elon’s SpaceX project.  The

Dragon X was on display and a very interesting video of the same module taking off and traveling around the earth twice before splashing down in pacific ocean.


A gorgeous Red Model S was also on display and boy did it attract a crowd.  I love the lines on this car and the accent LED head lights and the vanishing door handles….. everything is just jaw dropping on this vehicle.  I love the idea they are going to sell this car with three different types of battery packs.


Patriot Tesla

More to come from the event tonight, stay tuned !

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